What Happens When You Do That Little Bit Extra?

What Happens When You Do That Little Bit Extra?

Today I went to the barbers to get my hair cut. Some of you may know that I’d been having issues with my previous barber, so I have been seeking another shop to have my custom.

This morning the sign outside on the A-Board caught my attention; “Open seven days a week,  Monday to Saturday 8am till 8pm  Sunday 9am till 7pm”. I immediately thought how impressive. All the other places I had ever been to would close by 6pm and never open on a Sunday. How times have changed.

It is my third visit to this barbers as it is in a more convenient location right by the tube station. In fact within weeks two barber shops both opened up opposite each by my local station.

The first time I went there I had a normal experience, nothing out of the ordinary. Not memorable but a reasonable haircut.

The second time I went, a lady cut my hair. Now for some reason I wasn’t confident in her, and she seemed flustered. When a female customer arrived, she dumped me onto the barber I had previously. I had mixed feelings, because on the one hand I was relieved that she was no longer going to touch my hair, but on the other she made me feel like sloppy seconds. While in the shop they were playing Middle Eastern pop music on the television very loudly. All in all it didn’t make for a great experience, so I didn’t leave a tip.

This morning the shop was empty, something to expect at that time on Wednesday morning. I almost considered going to the other barbers that has opened opposite to test them out, as I have a very easy hairstyle to cut so it really is truly hard to get it wrong.

When I walked in today, I saw the same lady and a different guy sitting down waiting. I was about to say “I want him to cut my hair” but he saved me the trouble when he stood up to serve me.

I told him what I wanted, and he got to work cutting and trimming my hair. He made the effort to engage with me and undertook extra services by trimming my eyebrows and ear hair (yes, I know that shows my age). He asked me how old I was and when I told him, he said I looked 8 years younger… Yes flattery will get you everywhere! So he boosted my ego even as all the grey hair fell from my head to the floor.

I left him a larger tip then I would normally and he was very pleased.

You see, the experience he left me with was far superior to all my other experiences in the last few years.

He didn’t take that much longer than any other time to do the cut, and with no one waiting it didn’t feel rushed. I felt his focus on me whereas before I hadn’t felt that. So when he gave me extra value, I reciprocated by giving him an extra tip because he went above and beyond and gave me an extra…ordinary experience.

When I go back again guess who I will insist on seeing, and guess who will get the tip? Always remember… people buy people first.

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Andy T Cumming

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  1. Being fully present with a customer is of course the most important, regardless of what reward will follow. I do that as a gift from my heart. My problem is in the early states of business development, I don’t have exposure to clients and people don’t know about me. Do you have any blogs/advice on that?

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