The Impact Profile is an online profiling test that provides an overview of your current status in the marketplace
It further helps you identify where you are having the biggest impact and the gaps that are stopping and slowing you down.
Thousands have taken the free test in over 23 countries

The profile offers a unique insight of the Diamond Status Dynamics Methodology in todays current marketplace and how a person can use this to further themselves and achieve a higher status and lifestyle.
There are six elements that we all already familiar with. But they all have to work together to make an effective impact and what is lacking right now.
The answers you will discover will provide the awareness and solid platform from which you can make the changes


Thinking about changing careers and want to find out where you currently stand in the job market.

This quick and easy test will provide you the clarity you need to make a more calculated decision about your future prospects.

Join the thousands who have benefited from using Diamond Status Dynamics to fast track their status.