The most comprehensive profiling assessment, that will show you how to increase your market value and gain the competitive advantage in the marketplace.


Are you constantly being overlooked?
Ever been passed over for promotion?
Struggling to be noticed when you have a great product or service?
Do you have a dream of reaching the top to live a better lifestyle?

From Andy T Cumming, UK
Why is it that no matter how much we work we just don’t seem to get the break we deserve to increase our profile, position and income in the marketplace?
The truth is we have the capabilities to make the same impact as the most successful people in our industry’s.
Better lifeHere’s hard truth…
Making an impact is not easy.
Making an impact can be hard, really hard when you don’t know the rules of the game.
There is a reason why people at the top of their industry make up less than 5% of the population and those who are icons make up less than 1%!
Today the journey to impact is getting harder and harder within an ever expanding and very overcrowded competitive marketplace.
So the odds are not looking good for most of us.
most of us don’t know what is an impact strategy
we have a partitial strategy, but it’s not coming together fully for us.
It is a bit like baking a cake. We have an idea of what we would like it to look like once it’s made, but we’re missing the recipe and to top it all off, a lot of the ingredients are missing.
So we end up making do.
This is the case with most people, which is why they get stuck where they are struggling to make a decent living, when really with the right strategy they don’t have to.

misssing segmentThe Good News Is…

you can now have the ability to discover your missing ingredients to make an impact in your industry and reap the rewards that come with it.
What will be holding you back is you are just don’t know that are your missing ingredients, or maybe not even know what those ingredients are or are just missing elements of those ingredients. 
You too could be one of those those people who now realise how important it is to make a difference and make an impact in the world.

The fact is people buy YOU before they buy anything else!

The top performers in industry may have a business formula for success, and we can follow this step-by-step to the letter but we will still not ever come close to their level of achievement.
Personal Impact Analysis CoverAnd here is why…
Your business strategy and ability only makes up about 30% of your success; while 70% is made up of the impact strategy that most of us take for granted.
The truth is that we all have the capability of achieving and earning so much more!
It was no accident that Princess Diana went from shy insecure nanny, to become the most loved princess in the world and that Barak Obama went from an unknown entity to becoming the most powerful leader in the free world.
In your FREE Impact Profile, you will get to learn what level you are playing at so you can see what your marketplace sees and so how you can increase your impact.

But that is not all…
Once you find out the level you are playing at right now, we will introduce you to the Six Core Segments of Impact that the most successful use to maximum effect you too MUST have.
The answers you receive in your profile could increase your impact position giving you a six figure income in the next 12 months!
But this is only possible if you are willing to implement the strategies.
When you start making an impact, you start to become extraordinary and  that is why extraordinary things happen to extraordinary people.
That is the key to getting to a higher impact level.


Here is what others have to say

 “After taking the profile and making the changes, I was nominated and won an award as one of the top emerging businesses in the US.” – Stella, USA
“I was frustrated with where I was. After taking the profile, I made the decision and left my job. Now have far more clients working for myself and I love what I am doing.”– Vanessa, UK
“The profile was awesome and allowed me to make the necessary changes to move forward. Thank you very much.” – Errol, UK

Many business gurus may show you part of an impact strategy, but it is unlikely that they will ever show you the full picture and how it all fits together. In fact you may find it easier to decode the enigma machine then work with them.

When you take your profile, we show you six strategic areas to impact which the successful utilise.


Your standing within your area of expertise adds value to those you connect with, who then have trust in you
Your ability to analyse, strategise and execute a marketing plan determines who will buy you or your service
Your identity of who you are, your ability to connect, to have fun and be confident determines your impact likeability factor
Your style, clothing and overall look determines this segment of impact, and it is the first thing others see and judge you on
Your voice, articulation, writing and presentation skills all determine how effectively your message is communicated
Your commitment, focus, standards and mental toughness determine the actions you will undertake in order to succeed

Our profile is different to anything available in the marketplace. No one else provides details in six areas so they all fit together in the right order.

Why? Because for them it would be too time consuming and costly.
Putting six areas together and making them fit has taken us over five years research and testing, at great expense in order to produce the best results.

six segment pictures

Besides as we have already said, many of these gurus don’t actually want you to know all the answers.
After all, if everyone was extraordinary then no one would be wanting to hear from these gurus.
I have seen time and time again! People look to work on one or two areas of impact but they are unable to make it work because they don’t have all the pieces. They have an incomplete strategy!
ipad workerWe worked with one client, who had invested so much money in so many courses looking for the solution to growing their business, but still not getting to where they wanted to be. Even after several years of searching and investing a lot of money, they were still stuck in the same position!
They attended a conference and were dazzeled by a speaker selling a course on how to speak from stage. They bought! But it took their focus away from what they should be concentrating on. After attending the course and learning the skills, they didn’t get the promised speaking opportunities. This was mainly as they were not fully ready, as at the time they didn’t have enough influence, presence, brand and perceived mental strength to be taken seriously!
In the end, they were totally lost on the right direction to take and nearly broke!
They came to us and took the profile. From the results they were able to identify some of the key areas that had been holding them back.

Too cut a long story short…

Within 12 months they were making £84,000 in just the first year!

Plus and more importantly, they had found their flow and their path forward.
the right pathThis may not seem like a lot to make in the first year to the aspiring millionaire, but it is pretty good for someone who was on the verge of loosing everything and on the verge of a nervous breakdown before taking the test.
We don’t want you to go through what they did! In fact not even close. As you never have to reach breaking point for change to truly happen.
This is why it was so important for us to commit to finding the solution on the areas that made some people so impactful in business, and why the majority seemed to be fighting for scraps.
All it takes is knowing what the key areas are and working on them to lead you to your end goal by the fastest and easiest path.

But there is a catch…

Open DiamondWhile everyone has the ability to make a massive impact and get the rewards, not everyone is willing to.
So rather than waste your time, we need to sort the wheat from the chaff!
As there are six areas to cover there are 120 questions that you must answer to get an accurate profile. Not many companies will risk asking you to invest 30 minutes of your time.
This is why most people fail to get the true results and why there is only 5% of the population who are so far ahead of the game.
Now if you have read this far, and you are willing to commit to making an impact that can dramatically improve your life and finally fulfil your true potential, then this could be the solution.

30 minutesIn 30 Minutes or less you can find the answers that could accelerate you to the next level!

 If you are not able to find that time either:
  • something is seriously wrong with your time management; or
  • you are not ready yet to move up to the next level.
We understand that there are many people who don’t want to live an extraordinary life which is why I will reitarate that the top 5% are out of reach  from the rest of the marketplace.

first class lifestyleThere is a reason why very few people get to live a first class lifestyle!

This course of action is only for those who are unwilling to settle and have the ambition and commitment to live an extraordinary life.
No matter what level you are at, the content in this report will put you on the right track to design and create the lifestyle most people only dream of.



P.S. Thousands of people have taken the profile in over 23 countries since its launch in 2015.  There is no cost as it is absolutely FREE! You have nothing to loose if you want to take you career, business or life to the next level. The only risk is from those who have already taken it and are gaining the competitive advantage in the marketplace.

P.P.S. Putting this profile together has taken over 5 years, lots of effort and tens of thousands of pounds to get it working. It has been researched and tested with transformational results for those who have taken that first step.