This one to one consultation is totally focused and dedicated to you, as the advice and feedback is very personal.

Professionals usually pay a lot of money for one to one advice which is why it is rarely offered.

This is  a tested process that has been used on high level business professionals, politicians and business owners with enormous success.

Here is just a small amount you will receive at the Surgery.

  • Get direct feedback of how others perceive you in the marketplace by a highly experienced profiler that will highlight your blindspots so that you can fast track from your current position
  • How you can instantly make changes that will increase your status and position in the marketplace.
  • How to attract the right people like a magnet that will leave you competition wondering how you did it.
  • How to apply the External Impact Indicators that will attract opportunities you never thought possible.

The Impact Surgery is a great opportunity to fast track your career or business is aimed at business professionals and business owners. If you are a start up then I am afraid this is not for you.

PS They will not be available forever, so we do encourage you to act now before the offer is removed.

We are regularly overbooked with the popular timings going very quickly.

So don’t delay your booking to get your preferred time slot and avoid disappointment.

Currently offered across London with planned expansion in the UK and to the US.

BOOKING FEE – The Impact Surgery is £20, all we ask is that if you book, you attend as we do have a waitlist. Please note, once booked if you wish to cancel we do require 24 hours notice.

If you know anyone who would benefit from attending the impact Surgery then please share this page with them!

In a short space of time, Andy accurately identified gaps and areas that I had not considered before which were potentially hindering me. He has the expertise to advise and motivate you from being stagnant to fully utilising your deserved maximum potential.”
~ Sonal Shah
It fully exceeded my expectations. Pinpointed exactly what I need to move forward. I would highly recommend this.”
~ David Holis

I was surprised how quickly and accurately my situation was assesed. Andy told me what, I needed to hear!”
~ Jim N Taylor

Join the thousands who have benefited from using Diamond Status Dynamics to fast track their status.