Impact Fast Track is a Talent and Impact Development company that primarily focuses on business professionals who want to fast track their progress to be leaders in their industry.

They have advised political candidates, C level executives and business owners to increase their status and position in the marketplace


The Diamond Status Process has taken nearly 10 years in development and is designed to identify a persons position and presence in the market by assessing  3 External Impact Indicators they display in the marketplace before further identifying the core elements.

When the gaps are highlighted people can then make arrangements to close them to further increase their status.

Self Awareness is key to making an impact in the marketplace and in your life.

The profiles are a powerful aid and and map to identify who you are, where you are and where you want to get to.



About The Team

Andy T Cumming

Andy T Cumming is the creator of the Diamond Status Process which is a methodology that quantifies your current position in the marketplace by identifying the gaps that are costing you from making the impact you deserve based on the Market places response.

He is a much sought after Talent and Impact Consultant in the industry and advises C Level Executives, Politicians, Business Professionals and Owners how to make a bigger impact in the marketplace.

A Post Graduate, he has worked for over 30 years in  several industries primarily in the UK and Latin America where he has observed peoples behaviour in the marketkplace which led to the creation of the Diamond Status Process.

Emma Chard- Cumming

Emma Chard

After 23 years in the corporate sector within Training and Development and People Management, Emma is now an established SME owner.

She attributes her success to her people skills and describes herself as a people process geek. It is these skills that make her so s

ought after by some of the top Business Development Trainers in the industry.

With her Post Graduate qualifications in Management, and being a Master Practitioner in NLP is it any wonder that the management of people are high on her list of priorities and values.

Emma is a respected and much loved leader. Respected for her compassion yet maintaining the ability to make really tough decisions to resolve potentially and volatile situations. She has accumulated a number of nicknames over the years, but the one that sticks is “The Fixer”!

One of her peers and a fellow trainer, said of her “Emma, you do the jobs that we hate you for that must be done, and yet you always do them with grace”.

She has worked with organisations like KPMG and the World Leader in Experiential Business Trainings, both of whom have given her huge insights into human behaviour, personal growth and people performance management. She is currently the Chair of the YES Group London which is the UKs largest personal development community, where she expands her love of getting people to grow.

Emma has a genuine passion for guiding people to solve their problems, and she is hailed as one of the most inspirational advisers in her industry.

Join the thousands who have benefited from using Diamond Status Dynamics to fast track their status.